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Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy

Chinese Herbal Medicine

An end to your fatigue, pain or digestive distress could be as close as a visit to Austin Therapies Chinese Herbalist Brisbane, for a course of acupuncture therapy and Chinese Herbs.

Unlike some therapies where it seems to be a never-ending revolving door of treatments and drugs, holistic therapies like acupuncture therapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy are mostly short-term, ending when the body’s imbalances have been corrected.

And because Chinese Herbs – like acupuncture therapy – work to correct imbalances and energy blocks, Austin Therapies Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Brisbane often offers these two Eastern Medicine techniques side-by-side, for patients willing to do so.

As a Chinese Herbalist, Sally Austin of Austin Therapies has used Chinese Herbs to successfully treat:

In fact, if you come in for a treatment for any of those conditions you may well be asked if you’d like to take Chinese herbs to turbo charge the results of your treatment.

And if you’d like to reap the benefits of Chinese Herbs, it is important to be open and honest with your practitioner regarding other medications you are taking to avoid herb / drug interactions.

When taken correctly, Chinese herbs can really enhance the effects of your acupuncture treatment and speed up the healing process; however they are potent medicines – there is a reason you cannot buy them in the supermarket or at your local chemist.

Used to successfully treat a range of symptoms and conditions, from the simple to the complex, please contact us today at Austin Therapies Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Brisbane and Chinese Herbalist Brisbane to see if this ancient medicine could produce a modern miracle for you.

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