Acupuncture near me …

Hi – I’m Sally from Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Belmont.

We are situated just south of the Gateway Bridge and are a Brisbane natural health clinic providing natural health treatments suitable for all ages.

Have you travelled down the Western Medicine route, had every test and scan that anyone can think of, but still feel unwell?

What next? On the computer and look for a Brisbane natural health clinic … acupuncture near me

What makes us different?

I have 20 years of experience as a Natural Therapist – primarily using Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Remedial Massage – Sports, Pregnancy, Remedial Massage, Bates Therapy, Reflexology for treatment.

No “revolving doors” here – you can be assured of absolute one-on-one treatment where we really listen to what’s going on for you – initial consult takes a minimum of 90 minutes, longer if needs be.

We combine this with X-rays, pathology and blood work results from your doctor or we can order some tests you need too.

I don’t always use acupuncture, but I do use the diagnosis to prescribe herbs and assist with healing.

Sometimes a form of massage and / or Reflexology may be a more appropriate form of treatment, for you.

Why do a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis?

Because I can diagnose the actual “cause” of your imbalance and see which organs are involved, where there’s heat, cold, damp or wind lodged in the body. If you’re experiencing qi or blood stagnation and where … followed up with tongue and pulse diagnosis too.

I then combine my findings with your western medical diagnostics and together we come up with a plan that works for you as an individual, to bring you back on track to enjoy a great quality of life once again.

What do we treat?

We treat the underlying cause of your illness or injury and help to promote the body’s natural healing abilities to do their job.

If we get to a stage where I’m unable to help you any further, rest assured we will refer you to someone who can.

I’d love to have the opportunity to give you more information, discuss treatment for your specific condition and answer any burning questions you may have.

Please call Sally on 0421 411 508 or visit our website at or Face Book page at Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic.