Antibiotic Herbal Alternative Chinese Medicine

We are hearing a lot about antibiotics resistance in the media lately.  Austin Therapies provide you with some natural antibiotic herbal alternative health care medicine.  Medicines that are used in our clinic that work really well. Listen to what Chinese herbal medicines we use…

Noted below are the Chinese herbal medicines mentioned in our video.
Austin Therapies use Chinese herbal medicines Panaxea products.  These product use herbs that are sourced from around the world, with minerals and vitamins included to help absorption.
  • AntiBiotanical – herbal antibiotic broad spectrum, works really well and is a child friendly natural medicine. Works on bacterial and viral infections.
  • Aviat – herbal antiviral.  Western medicine doesn’t have antiviral included in their medicines.
  • Flu)ex – for coughs, fever, sore throat, headaches, nasal congestions and dry mouth.  Great for when you have your acute symptoms under control, but still have the pesky cough that keeps you up awake at night and causing fatigue.
  • IM-1 – really good for getting rid of the bronchial cough and fatigue.
  • Resist – get rid of the residual bacterial and viral load that is left in your system.
Other things you should do is getting plenty of rest; eat well and keep away from work (so you don’t pass it on).
If you need any further information on any of the Panaxea products that we use here at Austin Therapies, please call us or contact us.