Are you suffering from various types of pains, allergies, digestive problems, anxiety, menstrual disorders and much more?

Austin Therapies Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic provides gentle, effective pain relief treatment.

Our Acupuncture Clinic offers acupuncture healing which enhances mood and energy, aids sleep, reduces stress and alleviates aches by improving the affected functional areas of the body. It is protective and effective and time and again is considered as a remedy option. Traditional Chinese Acupuncture therapy aids in relief when other treatments have had no positive result.

Austin Therapies Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic uses very fine, flexible and rounded needles which are spiky at the tip. They do not pierce like a hypodermic needle. Their design enables acupuncture needles to slither effortlessly through tissues and makes them unlikely to cause blood loss or injure underlying structures.

Benefits of Chinese Acupuncture

Alleviates Pain

Austin Therapies Brisbane Acupuncture Clinic offers Chinese Acupuncture, an eminent therapy to decrease different types of pain. Optimum healing may be restored to those who do not react well to pain medicines, or who do not want to take drugs.

Improves Immune System & Helps Prevent Illness

Acupuncture not only combats ill health but also helps put it off. It is the life saver of the body. Acupuncture healing restores the flow of Qi (energy) and recuperates your condition through easing aches and pains. Acupuncture treatment is also helpful in increasing your immunity, improving digestion and easing stress.

If you are looking for an effective Chinese Acupuncture Clinic in Brisbane, then contact for Austin Therapies Services. They have a professionally qualified, highly skilled acupuncturist who practices this ancient Chinese medicine with excellent results.

Known Side Effects

Most people experience Chinese acupuncture without any sort of side effect during treatment, however some people may experience soreness at the needle site or fatigue. It is a good idea to rest after acupuncture treatment for the best results.