Feeling tired all the time?

Are you feeling tired all the time? Have you hit a “brick wall” with your health? Been to specialist after specialist and told there is nothing wrong with you? Are you suffering from fatigue, feeling tired all the time, feel unwell and feel like you’ve lost your “mojo”? At Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Brisbane we are very excited to be able to offer testing directly through the clinic! We use Traditional...

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How well does your thyroid function?

How well does your thyroid function? Are you suffering from severe fatigue – especially in the mornings? Is your TSH Blood Test (Thyroid Function Test) within range? Yet . . . you still don’t feel right? Could your thyroid function still be the underlying issue? The thyroid affects every cell in the body and we cannot achieve optimum health without a properly functioning thyroid gland. Research has shown that hypothyroidism has been...

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How to take your Basal Body Temperature

How to take your Basal Body Temperature Have you had a Thyroid Function Test (TSH Blood test) done? If so, did it return within “normal range” and you were told your thyroid is functioning perfectly? Well, there is an easy test you can do at home to check your Basal Body Temperature. To do this take your temperature (under your arm) first thing in the morning as soon as you wake up, before jumping out of bed, for 10 consecutive days. If your...

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