What to expect during Acupuncture Treatment – Live

Are you one of the many people that is not sure what Acupuncture actually?  Sally Austin shows you live, an Acupuncture Treatment session.  See what an Acupuncture treatment session involves and how this alternative natural health method is applied.

Many people have a fear of needles.  These people will never consider having Acupuncture as a health treatment as a result of their fear.
Sally Austin shows the acupuncture needles, how it is applied in treatment and the feeling that you will get when the needles is applied.  Let Sally help dispel any fear or uncertainty you have about having Acupuncture as a treatment in your health care program. There is nothing to fear with this treatment.
Acupuncture has been used for many thousands of years to treat many health issues, with great results.  This natural health treatment, when practiced properly, provides a safe remedy that has no side effects to the person being treated. There is nothing to fear with this treatment.
Call us today if you’d like to discuss this as a health care treatment.