Massage Therapy to get rid of Winter Aches & Pains

Does that mean … get some Massage Therapy … or something a little stronger?

Getting ready for our Queensland summer means getting rid of any aches and pains that may have been niggling us all through the winter! We want to be able to enjoy our chosen activities – whether it’s playing with the children or doing some mountain biking – and – we want it to be PAIN FREE too!

Our main focus in the clinic is to offer Massage Therapy and Acupuncture Therapy that forms a distillation of Eastern and Western methodologies. We take the best from both worlds, combining Western exploratory methods – X-rays, MRI’s CAT scans with a Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnosis.

This enables us to diagnose the Traditional Chinese Medicine patterns that are at the base of your pain on a very deep level, providing treatment that brings the body back into balance. In this state the body is able to utilise its own unique healing powers and work on healing itself.

Whether you are experiencing general back pain, shoulder pain or more specifically – upper back pain, middle back pain, lower back pain – to name a few – we combine our 20 years of experience in pain management with this treatment style and Remedial Massage, Sports Massage or a Back pain massage, some exercises, lifestyle changes – which may only be slight and a positive mental attitude and you’re definitely heading in the right direction.

Conditions for which we have Western standard research available are as follows:

Acute ankle sprain (193)

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Carpel tunnel syndrome (167)

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Lateral elbow pain (173)

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Chronic lower back pain (48)

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Neck pain (175)

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Sciatica (196)

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Shoulder pain (178)

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I’d love to have the opportunity to give you more information and discuss treatment for your specific condition or answer any burning questions that you may have.

Please call Sally on 0421 411 508 or visit our Face Book page at Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Belmont, Brisbane.