Lower Back Pain Treatment

Are you suffering from a sore lower back and need lower back pain treatment?  Hi – I’m Sally Austin from Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Belmont – Brisbane

Please get it checked out first by a health professional and determine if it’s spinal or muscular – get X-rays or an MRI if necessary. You may have spinal issues as well as soft tissue damage going on.

Then it’s time for some lower back pain treatment and exercises to help maintain it and provide you with continual lower back pain relief, especially in the case of chronic lower back pain.

Lower back pain treatment at Austin Therapies involves a full examination looking at range of motion and presenting pain.

While taking a full case history, we gather information that gives us a picture of what’s going on in your whole body and therefore a “picture” of what is at the base of your chronic pain.

We then combine Western medical diagnostic information with
our Traditional Chinese Medicine investigations and diagnosis. In this way – we’re able to treat the root cause of your lower back condition, in a holistic way as well as providing lower back pain relief and healing.

Lower back pain relief is highly researched using acupuncture, please see research below in the references section.

Remedial Massage Therapy is an integral part of this examination and it
can be used in conjunction with Acupuncture or as a standalone treatment if you prefer.

What makes Austin Therapies different? 

At Austin Therapies – we diagnose the “cause of the weakness” in your back from a Traditional Chinese Medicine point of view and endeavour to treat the underlying patterns as well as your presenting pain. 

Using “heat” or using “cold” is a very controversial subject, but the Traditional Chinese Medicine view is:

If it feels better for heat, then use heat. If it feels better for cold, then we use cold. Most times warm or heat will be the way to go … but not always…

When you use cold, you constrict the blood vessels and thus prevent the blood flow necessary to take the inflammation away. If you go too hot you can flare the inflammation up and make it worse, in some cases. I like to use an infra red therapeutic heat lamp in clinic which “warms” the area. This aids the blood flow and helps to reduce muscle tightness as well. It also feels very nice and is relaxing too!

The “dull ache” that you feel is seen as “qi Stagnation” in Traditional Chinese Medicine and “sharp pain” that you feel is seen as a “stagnation of blood”. We move the Stagnation in the local area as well as moving it throughout your whole body. 

Cold in the lower back is another common pattern seen in the clinic. Made worse by walking or standing around in bare feet on cold floors. In this case – heat on the lower back is indicated.

By treating the underlying patterns – we strengthen the back and thus reduce the likelihood of your sore lower back recurring. 

Please call Sally on 0421 411 508 or visit or Face Book page at Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Belmont, Brisbane. I’m always happy to help and answer any questions that may spring to mind!


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