Lower Fibromyalgia risk – tips to try

There are ways to lower Fibromyalgia risk and they are achievable with just a little determination – some are even fun! You can help cut your risk significantly by incorporating a few simple life-style changes into your daily routines and habits. Try some of these tips which can help lower Fibromyalgia risk (following on from an earlier post about the prevention and treatment of Fibromyalgia).

Tips for Preventing Fibromyalgia (continued)

  1. Find some type of exercise that you really enjoy and just do it! Pumping iron is not for everyone and not necessary to maintain a good level of health. You would probably benefit most from some kind of aerobic exercise to keep the blood moving, like swimming, yoga, stretching, and cycling.
  1. Take a walk every day – your dog will love you for it, or borrow your neighbour’s. If you live with a dog or cat, play with them daily – it’s good for them and very therapeutic for you. Animals live in the moment and love to play. This is a great way to break stressful daily routines.
  1. Buy some guided meditation or relaxation tapes. Learn how to really relax. This means physical relaxation as well as mental relaxation. Use these tapes daily for the best results.

Stay tuned for further tips you can work on which can help lower Fibromyalgia risk – coming soon!


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