Breast Health using Thermal Imaging

At Austin Therapies Natural Health Clinic, we’ve long been interested in exploring healthy, non-invasive alternatives like thermal imaging.   We believe we’ve found the solution to provide an alternative breast health care to the usual traditional breast screening

Thermal imaging, or thermography, is a physiologic test that demonstrates thermal patterns in skin temperature. By undertaking two initial breast studies (obtained three months apart), thermography determines a baseline pattern.

Every woman has a unique thermal pattern that shouldn’t change over time, like a fingerprint, so abnormal heat patterns can help indicate disease or other abnormalities.

Importantly, whereas mammograms can result in a high rate of false positives, unnecessary biopsies, and subjects patients to discomfit. 

Thermal imaging

·         detects the growth of cancer cells prior to tumour formation

·         requires no radiation or breast compression

·         provides information on the vascular activity in the breast

It’s important to stress that thermal imaging is an adjunctive test, contributing to the process of differential diagnosis. In the case of breast health, I still recommend regular self-breast examination or going to the GP if you’re ever unsure, so that they can do a physical check too.

However, thermal imaging can prove a useful way to monitor breast health, as a healthy, non-invasive alternative to traditional breast screening.

If you would like any further information, including details on our own thermography screenings, please don’t hesitate to contact us.