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Here at Austin Therapies we provide natural health treatments for children for a range of childhood health issues. Has your child or a child you know, been struggling with a sporting injury that just doesn’t want to budge? Week after week for treatment and still you’re hearing the same complaints?

School holidays are upon us and often this is a good time to catch up on and sort out those stubborn “childhood ailments” that you’ve been battling with all semester!

It maybe time to try our natural health treatments for children, to resolve that stubborn health issue that your child has.

Natural Health Treatments for Children Health Conditions

The kinds of conditions I tend to see in the clinic for children are as follows:

Sporting Injuries – ** lower back pain, ** shoulder pain, ** neck pain, ** lateral elbow pain

Emotional Issues – ** Anxiety and ** Depression (with anti-depressants), *** ADHD

Digestive Issues – ** Irritable Bowel Syndrome – constipation, diarrhoea

I use a mix of Reflexology, Massage, sometimes Acupuncture and “child friendly” herbal formulas, as required.

Herbal formulas are easy to take and come in capsule form. Open the capsule and pop it into a juice, smoothie or hot drink – easy! There are some contra-indications of course depending on current medication, age, etc.

Have you thought about trying some remedial massage and acupuncture?  Eeeeeeek! My child “hates needles” – I can hear you saying …

It’s not like an injection and it’s not painful … I won’t lie to you … you will feel “something” as the needle goes in. However, this is actually a good thing as it means I’ve got the “right” spot, which goes to make up a good treatment and therefore good results. That’s what we’re after – yes?

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Natural Health Treatment References

Australian  National Law Requirement

Under Australian National Law, claims of efficacy of treatment are required to be made with reference to research of a high standard.

Traditionally Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years, in many countries, worldwide to assist with a wide range of conditions. However, not all have evidence of efficacy that meet Australian National Law requirements.

I have therefore grouped and colour coded the conditions treated into three different areas, as follows:

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If you would like any natural health questions answered or I can help you in any way – please ask away – I’m always happy to help.