Can Acupressure provide Natural Labour Pain relief?

This is often a question I get asked in clinic. The answer is YES – definitely!

At Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Brisbane – we promote and teach our patients and their partners to use ACUPRESSURE both before and during labour. This helps with natural pain relief during labour and also helps the woman to have a more efficient experience.

Debra Betts – a world respected expert in the use of acupuncture/acupressure for pregnancy and childbirth – reports in her book “The Essential Guide to Acupuncture in Pregnancy and Childbirth” quote: “Acupressure on BL-32 (a point on the lower back) appeared to halve the intensity of the contractions – so long as strong pressure with my partner’s knuckles was applied. This effect lasted until early transition.”

Women and their partners that I have trained here in the clinic continually and consistently report:

  1. A reduction in their pain levels
  2. An overall sense of calmness
  3. A higher level of satisfaction with their birth experience

Once we begin the “Pre-Birthing Treatment Plan” at week 36 to 37, I introduce the use of ACUPRESSURE for a number of different effects. Some are used before and some during the labour process.

  1. To promote a descending action encouraging the baby to engage
  2. Promoting dilation and to help prevent radiating lumbo-sacral pain
  3. Calming the mind
  4. To increase the intensity and frequency of contractions if that is what’s required
  5. To use in delayed, prolonged or difficult labour
  6. Natural pain relief during labour
  7. To help the repositioning of a posterior baby
  8. To help alleviate nausea and vomiting

Encouraging “self help” makes women feel as though they are more in control of their birth experience and to gain more satisfaction due to their partners being able to give them the bulk of their support during labour.

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