Can Acupuncture provide Natural Period Pain relief?

Acupuncture can be used to provide Natural Period Pain relief and also to regulate your hormones and thus your periods and eliminate your period pain or dysmenorrhoea as it’s known as too!

Surveys show that approximately 40 to 70% of women of reproductive age suffer from some form of menstrual pain and of those 15% have severe symptoms. These severe symptoms could mean spending the day or days forced to bed rest every month, including back pain, nausea and vomiting.

The two most common presentations for dysmenorrhoea that I see in clinic are:

  1. Liver Qi Stagnation – typical signs of this pattern are the very common signs of PMS (Pre-Menstrual Symptoms) – irritability, moodiness, depression, sore breasts, lower abdominal pain, etc. Most ladies are very familiar with this one! Emotional stress in particular causes the Liver Qi to stagnate, causing dull pain a day or two before and often during the period.
  2. The other common pattern I see is Liver Blood Stagnation – this has a more intense presentation of sharp pain – often the one that has you in foetal position, not able to move! Or, a mix of the two where you experience dull and sharp pain, often with cold added in – causing severe period pain. Yes, it can get involved, but the good news – you don’t need to suffer!

Acupuncture alone or with the addition of Chinese Herbs to support the treatment can provide real relief from symptoms. Three natural remedies for period pain you can try are:

  1. Apply a hot water bottle or heated wheat pack to your lower abdominal area or lower back (whichever is sore)
  2. Exercise also helps with the milder forms of menstrual pain
  3. Keep away from swimming or anything to do with “cold water” around menstruation time as it just allows more cold to enter the reproductive area and cause you more pain

NB: In Traditional Chinese Medicine there are six different patterns of imbalance in the body which cause dysmenorrhoea, not ALL of them will respond to the application of heat. We always say “if the pain is relieved by heat, then apply heat” – if applying heat makes you feel worse, then stop. The three tips above are very general in nature and if they don’t work for you – please come and see me.

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