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Deep Tissue Massage Belmont

Austin Therapies Deep Tissue Massage BrisbaneDo you have some really deep knots in your back, neck or thighs? Perhaps those spasms and cramping muscles are so painful they can literally take your breath away? Well, you need to book in at our deep tissue massage Belmont clinic.

As nice as it is to have relaxing remedial massage therapy sometimes you just need its “Big Brother” treatment – Deep Tissue Massage Therapy.

This type of massage targets, as its name implies, the deep tissue layers of the muscle and fascia – or connective tissue – and uses many of the same techniques and movements as our remedial massage therapy albeit with more intense pressure.

Working with firm finger pressure to release tension in the deeper layer of the muscle and connective tissue, the deep tissue massage therapy can sometimes cause soreness for a day or two after treatment.

And for those reasons, at Austin Therapies Deep Tissue massage Belmont clinic, we encourage you to tell us just how ‘deep’ you’d like your massage to be, so we can vary the pressure for your personal requirements and comfort levels.

Offering a range of benefits, Deep Tissue massage is recommended for individuals that experience consistent pain or who engage in intense, repeated physical exertion – such as manual laborers or athletes.

Sports massage incorporates Deep Tissue massage with stretching exercises and it is not only for professional athletes – anyone who exercises (even just walking) will benefit from a Sports massage. If you suffer from recurring pain during or after exercise or have suffered a specific sports injury, a therapist from our sports massage Brisbane clinic will help get you back to your peak performance.

Our deep tissue massage Belmont therapist provide deep tissue massage as a simple and supportive  natural therapy treatment.  Austin Therapies London Road Natural Health Clinic provide a wide range of natural health treatments options available to you. Contact us today for your free 20 minute health appraisal.