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Remedial Massage

Austin Therapies Natural Health Treatement Remedial Massage BrisbaneRemedial massage therapy – although beautifully relaxing – is also used here at our Remedial Massage Brisbane clinic as a highly supportive pain relief treatment.

Remedial massage therapy is also known as Swedish Massage – the one we associate with day spas. It can have you melting into the bed as it helps your sore and tired feet, back, calves, thighs and even your scalp simply let go of the pain, the aching and the tension.


What does Remedial Massage Therapy treat?

Austin Therapies uses this amazing therapy to help repair damaged muscles, tendons and joints; as well as prevent further damage and injury to your muscular and skeletal systems.

In fact, the “Swedish Massage” can support the treatment of a range of common conditions, including – muscle tightness and pain caused from sports injuries and/or stress, to ailments like arthritis and scoliosis.

And chances are, if your muscles are tight you will no doubt have neck and/or back pain, as well as a headache or migraine and remedial massage therapy can help here too.

Remedial massage has some deep therapeutic benefits and can be used to support treatment of a range of conditions including debilitating sports injuries, frozen shoulders, tennis elbows and even whiplash!


What are the benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy?

Improving blood circulation and increasing joint mobility and range of motion – there are many health benefits from remedial massage therapy.

This simple, therapeutic treatment has profound health benefits helping to boost blood circulation and even temporarily reducing blood pressure, due to the relaxing nature of the treatment.

The Swedish Massage also soothes and/or stimulates your nerves – depending on your individual needs – as well as working to ease digestion and constipation woes.

And for the athlete and health conscious, the humble remedial massage can help to improve lung capacity, decreases your resting heart rate and bolsters skin elasticity!

So if you have tight muscles, pain and sports injuries like a tennis elbow or frozen shoulder; as well as arthritis, headaches and neck and back pain, book in for a Remedial Massage, and don’t forget to ask about our other massage therapies – deep tissue massage therapy and Bates Therapy – as well.


Remedial Massage FAQs

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