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Shiatsu Therapy

Shiatsu Therapy by Austin Therapy London Road Natural Health Clinic

Shiatsu therapy helps reduce stress and anxiety.  Offered here at Austin Therapies Natural Therapy Centre in Brisbane, this could be the natural holistic therapy for you.

If you would love the health and wellness benefits of an acupuncture therapy treatment but have a fear of needles, then shiatsu therapy is the needle free natural health treatment alternative for you.


What is Shiatsu Therapy?

Shiatsu Therapy is a deeply relaxing form of massage that stimulates the body’s flow of natural vital energy, known as Qi.

Its name is derived from the Japanese words for “finger” and “pressure” and a treatment involves finger pressure applied to specifics points on the body; and is a traditional hands-on Japanese healing therapy with a history spanning back over 100 years.

Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing form of massage that works much like acupuncture therapy but without the needles, unblocking energy disruptions – or Qi imbalances – along the body’s energy or meridian lines.

This therapy is often also combined with holding, rubbing, stretches, joint rotations, joint manipulation and heating to rebalance the flow of energy in your body to treat you on a holistic level.

Shiatsu Therapy shares its philosophy with Acupuncture Therapy and seeks to treat the underlying cause of illness by correcting imbalances in Qi flow.

And following a treatment you will generally enjoy a happy balance of feeling invigorated yet calm and relaxed.


What are the benefits of Shiatsu Therapy?

Shiatsu has many benefits including reducing your stress and anxiety levels, leaving you feeling happier, healthier and in turn boosting your immune system.

The use of finger pressure along the known meridians also stimulates healthy circulatory, lymphatic and hormonal system responses.

Shiatsu also releases toxins and deep-seated tension from your muscles, resetting and regulating your autonomic nervous system for a calmer, healthier you.

A complementary treatment to acupuncture therapy and Chinese Herbal Medicine Therapy, ask Austin Therapies how Shiatsu Therapy could correct energy imbalances to have you feeling – as many of our clients attest – invigorated, calm and relaxed again.

Contact us today, for more information on this relaxing yet very supportive therapy.

If you’d like to find out more about shiatsu massage or book a treatment with a shiatsu practitioner, please contact our Belmont natural therapy practice.  Austin Therapies have many natural health treatment options to empower you to take control of your health.