Pregnancy Iodine Deficiency

Are you trying to fall pregnant and experiencing multiple miscarriages? Did you know that pregnancy iodine deficiency can lead to complications? Have you had a TSH Blood Test (Thyroid Function Test) which is within range?

Could your thyroid function still be a part of the underlying issue? The thyroid may underlie many chronic disease states – infertility being one of them.

Adequate dietary iodine intake is essential for proper thyroid function to occur. Iodine deficiency is very common as our western diet is severely lacking in dietary iodine, which is largely obtained from seaweeds and some ocean fish. Iodized salt is another source but the iodine contained in this is not easily absorbed by the body, nor is it encouraged due to heart conditions.

In Dr David Brownstein’s clinic – Centre for Holistic Medicine – he found that a whopping 94.7% of the patients tested had significantly low iodine levels. This could mean that the thyroid is not functioning correctly either.

Pregnancy iodine deficiency can also result in adverse complications including:

  • Congenital hypothyroidism which is inadequate thyroid hormone production in newborn infants. It can occur because of an anatomic defect in the gland, an inborn error of thyroid metabolism, or iodine deficiency.
  • Fetal loss – at 20 weeks or later
  • Placental abruption – separation of the placenta from the uterine lining
  • Pre-eclampsia – sudden sharp rise in blood pressure, swelling (edema) and excess protein albumin leaks into the urine
  • Preterm delivery – birth of a baby at less than 37 weeks

Did your Thyroid Function Test return within “normal range” and you were told your thyroid is functioning perfectly?

As we discovered in the first Thyroid blog there is an easy test you can do at home to check your “Basal Body Temperature ”.

The full testing for thyroid is threefold:

  • Clinical testing
  • Signs and symptoms – there may only be fatigue here
  • Seven thyroid parameters – tested via blood test

At Austin Therapies – The London Road Natural Health Clinic – Brisbane – we are now able to offer complete thyroid testing and iodine testing.

We test seven different parameters for the Thyroid Function Test, via a blood test. We find that the first five or six may test “within range” and then the last one or two indicate what is really going on.

Iodine testing is done via a urine test.

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