Natural Health Care Treatments at Austin Therapies

Symptoms Treatment Methodology

The Holistic Approach at Austin Therapies BrisbaneThe treatments available at Austin Therapies “The London Road Natural Health Clinic” involve a distillation and fusion of Eastern and Western treatment methodologies. This ensures we can provide you with a combination of the best modern science has to offer, while simultaneously drawing on the ancient traditions upon which it is based.

We believe that too often the benefits of modern medicine are overlooked by natural healthcare practitioners, resulting in a confusing and often unnecessary learning curve for their patients.

Subsequently we have found that working in partnership with orthodox medical practitioners and practices provides a safe, secure and effective treatment regimen – one that takes into account the understanding that the only individual who has all of the answers is you.

It’s our responsibility as healthcare professionals to know what questions to ask, and when, in order to ascertain the root cause of your condition and how to most effectively treat it.  Along the way we will support your active participation in your treatment by communicating in ordinary everyday language about what we are doing and why.