Eye Conditions

Austin Therapies Natural Health Treatments for Eye ConditionsAustin Therapies provide a range of natural health support for eye conditions, that will support your existing treatment plan.

If the eyes are the ‘windows to the soul’, what are yours telling the world?

Do they scream good health and vitality, or are they dull, cloudy, itchy, red or sore?

And let’s not forget, while rock stars may get away with wearing their sunglasses at night, for the rest of us, there’s really no hiding them, and who would want to?

We smile with our eyes, we cry with our eyes and when it comes to reflecting our moods and personality, our eyes do so on loudspeaker.

By supporting the treatment of these common eye symptoms **dry eye, ***glaucoma with natural supportive treatments such as acupuncture therapy, Chinese Herbal Medicine therapy, and reflexology therapy, we can support your existing treatment and have those eyes sparkling, dazzling and dancing again.

Contact us today, to discuss how Austin Therapies can help support your treatment with a variety of health conditions, including those affecting the eyes.

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