Migraine prevention and Headaches (tension-type and chronic)

Austin Therapies Natural Health Treatments for migraines and headachesWhen was the last time you were free from migraines and headaches?

Did you wake up this morning and reach straight away for the pain relief?

Or, did you miss the kids coming home from school because you were in darkness lock down?

Migraines are not just headaches, that’s for sure, but migraine symptoms don’t have to rule your life either.

*Headaches (tension type and chronic), *allergic rhinitis type headaches, ***Premenstrual syndrome type headaches and *migraine prevention can all be supported with Natural Medicines.


Treatment for headaches (tension-type and chronic) and migraine prevention

Acupuncture therapy and Chinese Herbals in fact work to remove blockages, increase energy flow and restore balance in the body, helping to eliminate the cause of headaches and migraines.

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Headache causes

Although this is a very basic outline, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine theory. Below is an outline of meridians and patterns that affect each area of the head, triggering headaches.

Are you aware already of problems in these associated areas?

Top of Head: Liver Meridian (Liver Blood Deficiency, Liver Yang Rising)

Sides of Head: Gall-Bladder Meridian (Liver-Yang, Liver-Fire or Liver-Wind Rising)

One Side Only: Gall-Bladder Meridian (Liver-Yang or Liver-Fire Rising)

Temples: Gall-Bladder Meridian (Liver-Yang, Liver-Fire or Liver-Wind Rising)

Behind the Eyes: Liver Meridian (Liver Blood Deficiency, Liver Yang Rising)

Forehead: Stomach Meridian (Stomach Deficiency or Stomach-Heat)

Back of Head (Occipital): Bladder Meridian (Kidney Deficiency or Damp-Heat in the Bladder) or External Wind

Whole Head: Kidney-Essence Deficiency or External Wind

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