Skin Conditions

In a warm climate like Australia, it’s hard to hide skin problems and conditions like ***psoriasis; let alone escape the affect that hot, humid days have on our skin.

However acupuncture therapy and traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine therapy can help support your existing treatment of general skin conditions and skin diseases like acne, pruritus, shingles and even urticaria (hives).

Our skin reflects and reacts to imbalances within the body, and so when there is disharmony on the inside it often manifests in outbreaks and rashes on the outside.

Austin Therapies has a range of services and natural skin treatments that can help re-balance the body, improving blood flow and lymph circulation  – even helping with muscle tone and skin elasticity. Our therapists are highly qualified in supporting your existing treatments of skin eczema, skin dermatitis and rosacea.

Contact us today to discuss how acupuncture therapy, Chinese Herbal medicine therapy and reflexology therapy could have your skin glowing with such good health you’ll be wanting to wear short sleeves and shorts even in the cooler months!