Male Fertility Support

Natural Health Therapy for Male Fertility at Austin Therapies When it comes to male fertility, acupuncture acts much like a gardener – preparing the body so that the seeds can be nourished, and then used to grow into a healthy pregnancy. Whether it’s ***poor sperm quality or ***erectile dysfunction, holistic natural therapies like acupuncture therapy, Chinese herbal medicine therapy, reflexology therapy, and remedial massage therapy can indeed help get your boys back on track and your family underway.

Used in conjunction with orthodox reproductive medicine, such as IVF, IUI, GIFT or ICSI, acupuncture is a widely recognized male – and female – infertility support plan. In fact, men who receive acupuncture for infertility issues such as ***poor sperm quality boast healthier, more active, mature sperm – all prerequisites to fertilizing a healthy egg – with fewer structural defects, fewer immature sperm, and less experiencing premature death.

As a result, Austin Therapies Acupuncture Male Fertility Clinic Brisbane offers a range of support treatments to compliment your existing male infertility protocols including:

However, it takes two to make a baby – as you know – so why not bring your partner to ensure her body is optimally balanced and harmonious to receive your healthy sperm? Acupuncture can help with ***oocyte retrieval pain relief, ***primary ovarian insufficiency, ***uterine fibroids, ***polycystic ovarian syndrome, ***premenstrual syndrome, to ensure an optimum environment for the conception of a healthy baby.

Did you know for instance, that **anxiety not only has a direct impact on a woman’s ability to conceive, but her ability to carry the baby to full term? Stress in the body not only kills healthy sperm making it difficult to conceive, but can terminate an otherwise healthy pregnancy prematurely. However in many cases, especially in those who have unexplained infertility, acupuncture can be enough to treat underlying distress to turn things around for both of you. And treating both partners can make a big difference to the chances of, and speed of, a successful conception.

So please, don’t be embarrassed to reach out for help, male – and female – infertility is a lot more common than you might think; but it needn’t be permanent. To help us assist you quicker, please bring a copy of all your pathology as well as any blood tests, x-rays and MRI results with you to the clinic; as well as a list of medication and/or supplements that you are currently taking.

Contact us today at Austin Therapies Acupuncture Clinic Brisbane to discuss your supporting treatment options.


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