Cancer Support

Natural Thearpy for Cancer Support Services at Austin Therapies BrisbaneHelping to reduce the pain and side effects of cancer treatment, acupuncture therapy can provide cancer support for your current treatments, as well as boost your immune system and accelerate your recovery.

In fact, acupuncture therapy has delivered promising results in treating *chemotherapy induced nausea and vomiting, dry mouth, ***cancer-related insomnia, ***cancer-related psychological symptoms, ***hot flushes in breast cancer, ***surgery analgesia, ***recovery after cholo-rectal cancer resection. It has even been shown to help increase the body’s white blood cell count.

So if you’re stressed, looking for cancer support and suffering from **anxiety, *post-operative pain or just plain tired, let us help you feel better.

Austin Therapies will work in conjunction with your current treating doctors and medical practitioners to help achieve the best possible outcome with the best cancer treatments and cancer therapies, in the most comfortable way we can.

We also offer a range of other complementary services including Remedial Massage therapy, Shiatsu therapy, Aromatherapy  Reflexology therapy and where relevant, Chinese Herbal Medicine therapy; to help ease the pain you – or someone you love – are battling.

We can provide natural treatments to support your existing Western Medical cancer treatment, including herbal formulas for cancer and acupuncture for cancer treatment side effects.

Please bring with you all your blood tests, pathology results, x-rays/scans and relevant materials.

Include a list of medications and supplements you are currently taking. Contact us today so see how we can support your body during your fight against cancer.