Menstrual Issues Menstrual Issues

  • Pre-Menstrual Tension
  • Irregular Period
  • Painful Period
  • No Period (Amenorrhea)
  • Menopause

Menstrual conditions are debilitating, painful, and reoccurring – giving a sense of dread and discomfort on a frighteningly regular, or even irregular, pattern.

And yet it doesn’t have to be that way.

From endometriosis and fibroids, irregular and painful periods (or no period), to Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) and menopause, Austin Therapies can help ease the pain, balance your hormone levels and have you on the path to feeling well again with a range of menstrual issues treatments including acupuncture therapy and Chinese Herbs.

Contact us today at our Menstrual Issues Treatment Clinic to discuss your treatment options.

From acupuncture therapy to Chinese Herbal Medicine therapy, reflexology therapy, and remedial massage therapy there is pain relief in sight.