Can you really turn a breech baby using acupuncture?? YES!!

Breech Management – Turning a Breech Baby

Looking for a natural remedy for turning a breech baby?  Austin Therapies Brisbane Natural Health Clinic provides natural remedies for pregnancy health care.

Many women aren’t aware that through the use of acupuncture and moxibustion Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners are able to turn a breech baby!

Is it safe to do this?

Acupuncture and moxibustion offer a very safe method of turning a baby in breech position and posterior positions. Research and my 15 years experience in clinical practice has shown that the treatments won’t “force” a baby to turn if it is unsafe in any way. The treatments just won’t be effective.

At Austin Therapies we offer natural remedies for pregnancy support. Turning a breech baby or baby in posterior position is one of the many conditions we are able to treat.

What is involved?

Studies looking at the most effective time to turn a breech baby have found that the intervention is most efficient at week 34, before the baby has grown too large. However, not all women will present at this time. According to an Italian study, close to 50% of babies will have turned naturally by week 36, therefore a lot of doctors and midwives tend to wait until that time. It is still possible even as late as week 38 or 39 for the baby to turn, particularly if it’s not your first child.

A moxa stick looks like a large cigar and contains a herb called mugwort leaf. This stick is held close to the skin at particular points until the skin turns red or becomes too warm with care being taken not to burn the skin. At Austin Therapies, we use a 10-day treatment cycle where we show you how and where to apply the moxa stick to encourage the baby to move into – and remain in – the best possible position for birth.

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