What is Acupuncture like?

Many of my clients have asked what is acupuncture like?  Many people have a fear of needles and will never consider having Acupuncture as a natural health treatment as a result of their fear.  To help show what an acupuncture treatment session involves, we invited a client who has never had Acupuncture before.
Our client shares how his Acupuncture treatment went, what his fears were prior to the treatment and his expectation of what was going to happen during the Acupuncture treatment and what the acupuncture needles would be like.
Listen to what his thoughts are after his acupuncture treatment, you will be surprised.

Sally and her client show us what its like to have Acupuncture and what is actually is involved with an acupuncture treatment, showing how Acupuncture is applied.  The client shares how they felt during the Acupuncture treatment and how surprised they were about how easy the treatment is and the great results.
For more information on Acupuncture, visit our Austin Therapies website www.austintherapies.com.au or give us a call to discuss this as a possible treatment for your health issues.