What’s Acupuncture?

Austin Therapies Belmont Acupuncturiest explains what's acupuncture Used for centuries, this traditional natural health remedy still raises the question of What’s Acupuncture from many people.

How does acupuncture work?

Research has shown that acupuncture treatment stimulates the sensory nerves and we know this because if we block the sensory nerves – acupuncture doesn’t work, however if we block the motor nerves – it does still work.

Acupuncture stimulates peripheral nerves triggering a cascade that causes changes in the brain and the internal organs.

Endorphins are released, which are our “bodies own morphine” thus providing natural pain relief and a calming effect.

Acupuncture increases the body’s release of its own natural pain killer cells. It also stimulates the release of molecules – in the form of adenosine (ATP), that aid tissue repair and healing.

Is acupuncture effective? “In an ongoing search, by November, 2015 we had found OVER 870 RECOMMENDATIONS for acupuncture for over 100 CONDITIONS from multiple international groups and over 30 countries”. Birch, S. et al Evlim 2016.

This has since increased to over 1000 recommendations. It is safe to say that research into acupuncture is increasing in quality and quantity over time.

There are EIGHT conditions that are highly researched and provide very strong evidence for the use of acupuncture by a fully qualified and registered acupuncturist, with a degree level qualification.

Western Medicine does not have much to offer these conditions and it’s an area where Traditional Chinese Medicine is very strong.

These conditions are as follows:




ALLERGIC RHINITIS – perennial and allergic

Post operative PAIN


Chemotherapy induced NAUSEA AND VOMITTING


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